About us
Violence Solves Everything is a Quake 3 Arena Capture The Flag clan. We're a all Norwegian clan, with most of the members living in, or near, Oslo. This has made it possible to do In Real Life activities, so we're not just clan members, but also friends. We have some well known star players in our ranks like [MM]DarK, [MM]Motorsagfaen, x-CFC Bead and Veader. VSE was one of the best Quake 2 CTF clans in Europe.

Our prefix is VSE, and our name was choosen after a painfull selection and vote process.

Q2CTF merits

  • 1st place OGL Euro CTF twice (Which we still hold)
  • 2nd place Triad 2 (Europe's biggest Quake LAN)
  • 2nd place Champions League (Nordic league)

    Fast facts
    Location: Norway, Nothern Europe
    Founded: 31 August 1998
    Quake 3 since: 16 December 1999
    IRC channel #vse at quakenet (irc.no.quakenet.eu.org)


    Who is the best in VSE?
    Happily we're pretty equally skilled. We got different areas of expertise.

    Can I have your configs?

    I'm sorry, some of us got things from other people that we can't spread, while some things is secret. If any in VSE got something they want to spread, please contact the webmaster. If there's something special you're wondering about ask us instead.

    What mouse/HW/etc do you use?

    Many of us use Logitech Pilot/Mouseman. I think 90-100% use 3M precission mouse pads. 3d-cardwise we use is Voodoo3 and GeForce.

    VSE was founded 31th August 1998 by Gopher, Fluffy, Bambi and Fido after initiative by the last two. While Gopher is a long time CTF player from the Q1 days the other founders started playing CTF the spring 1998.

    Ottoman joined after Death Squad went down. He also recommended his DeSq comrad Chrustjev, who joined after a tryout together with Moonhawk. Ace is a great all round player, who joined after 666 went down. NuKer hanged around our trainings, and was accepted as member after a tryout against several of our members. Fido meet Mr Pink and Imperator while playing some RA, and after a while they finally left WIB to join the VSE team. By this time VSE had become an elite team.

    Bambi got a bit tired of Q2, and went inactive. When 1998 became 1999 things started to happend really fast. Gopher got more of a social life, and went inactive together with Fluffy. Some of us dreamed of something more, we wanted a extremely strong Norwegian team to rule the CTF scene like MM rules DM. The plan was to start two VSE teams. We therefore tried to hunt down some of the finest players around. The result was that Laps, c3:Instant, c3:Bulldog and c3:DarK (Also known as MM^DarK and x-Swein DarK) joined, while all our Swedish players went to SNUS, and Moonhawk joined DEB. After nagging him for ages SAM, one of the TnX server administrators, and a great railer has also joined us.

    Later DoH^DeiS joined as a kickass attacker, however it turned out he allready was in a CTF clan, and he decided to stay there. We then recuited Bead and Veader from Crash Force Clan, and by this time all VSE members where Norwegian. Later StarC joined, also a TnX administrator, who is a very skilled grappler, and good allround killer. Finally [MM]Motorsagfaen aka [CkNd]Hale joined our ranks, a very skilled player.

    21 November 1999 VSE withdrew from the Q2CTF scene, and went to sleep for less than a month. 16 December 1999 we where back in the Q3A CTF scene. After a while, VSE merged with K13 to become a new improved VSE. Spazzy was then accepted into our ranks. We are currently playing to the best of our abilities in the q3 eurocup.

  • Quake 2 merits
  • 1st OGL Euro CTF
  • 2nd Champions League
  • 2nd Triad 2

  • 3rd OGL Euro CTF
  • 3rd Champions League
  • 3rd Triad 2

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